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Blast Belting

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Blast Belts are used when applying abrasive materials at high speed and at high pressure to remove paint, rust and other hard to remove substances from a variety of surfaces.

Blast belts are usually perforated endless belts with tumbling ribs across the face of the belt. The ribs tumble the products being cleaned, exposing all surfaces to the action of the abrasive media.

This media passes through perforations in the belt and is recycled through the system. Blast belts may also be equipped with bottom tracking v-guides, special covers and a unique cross rigid carcass.

Jagged flashing, sharp burrs and impacting shot are just some of the factors that create extremely harsh environments for rubber mill belts. Only a properly specified belt will yield an acceptable service life in this application.

Blast Belts are commonly used in industries such as: 

  • die cast 

  • foundry

  • automotive 

  • heat treatment

  • metal finishing / refurbishment


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The durability of our blast belts will keep your operation running longer.

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