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Corrugated Sidewall Belting

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Corrugated Sidewall Belting is designed and built for maximum material retention and sidewall flexibility. 

Corrugated Sidewall Belting ensures long life service and best operational outcomes within your bulk handling operation.

Corrugated Sidewall Belts consists of two corrugated sidewalls bonded to a base belt. This makes it possible to design a steep angled conveyor system that will move a far greater volume of bulk material at any angle of inclination.

Depending on the types of cleats and height of the sidewalls, we can actually move product at angles up to and including 90°.

Conveyors can be designed in almost any conceivable configuration and to fit in even the most confined areas.

Instead of having to transfer material from one conveyor to another, corrugated sidewall belting simply changes the planes of travel.

Our corrugated sidewall belting ensures material handling and retention of material within the belts sidewalls whilst providing optimal performance.


  • Coal and wood-chip fired power stations

  • Underground mining (coal and ore)

  • Shaft conveying for tunneling and underground mining

  • Steel industry

  • Ship loading and unloading, ship to ship loading

  • Sand preparation in foundry plants

  • Silo feeding

  • Slope conveying in open pit mining

  • Waste recycling, soil purification and water treatment

  • Handling of large material flows in the horizontal path

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