Impact Beds and Skirting Systems

Infinity Belting can supply and install impact beds in new or pre-existing conveyor systems.

Impact beds should be considered when designing your conveyor system.

If the crushing process is unable to minimise oversized material from entering the chute, the impact zone will be open to extreme wear and tear. Wear and tear may also occur due to large fall heights from the conveyor above.

Your impact rollers and frames may be worn quickly or potentially break under the constant and heavy impacts. In this case, impact beds should be considered. Impact beds have a higher impact rating and longer service life when compared to impact rollers.

Impact beds are a cost-effective way to minimise replacement impact idler rollers and frames.

If you’re currently working on or maintaining a conveyor system that is wearing through impact idlers quickly, routinely or just outright breaking, you may want to consider having Infinity Belting install an impact bed that will meet your needs.


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Impact Bed - Image 1.jpg
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