Incline Belting

Incline belting is used in high-incline environments, utilizing cover textures and vulcanized profiles to keep transported materials secure while in motion.

With a wide array of cleats profiles, rubber compounds and  differing construction types, incline belts can be fabricated for virtually any Industry:

  • Aggregate

  • Agriculture

  • Bio-Mass

  • Cement

  • Co-Generation

  • Coal

  • Ditcher Belts 

  • Forestry

  • Frac Sand 

  • Trencher 

  • Recycling  

  • Wood Chip

Incline belts are designed to prevent or reduce slide-back on incline conveyor systems, with profiles such as: 

  • Beefy Cleats

  • Chevron - Large V Pattern (Open)

  • Chevron - Large V Pattern (Closed)

  • Chevron - Small Multi-V Patten

  • Herringbone

  • Steep Climb

  • U-Pattern

  • custom patterns also available


Incline belting also increases conveyor capacity by quick pick up at the point of loading. From fine granular materials such as frac  sand, fertilizer and dry / wet sand, to gravel, cement, bio-mass etc., an incline conveyor belt can be made to specifically suit the many different types of materials that our customers convey.

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