Liquid Fire Deicer

LIQUID FIRE environmentally friendly ice melt


  • Super concentrated liquid ice melt.

  • Melts ice and snow at temperatures below -32°C and remains effective to -50°C.

  • Within minutes an exothermic heat generating action begins to melt ice and snow.

  • It works by depressing the freezing point of water (in the form of ice or snow).

  • Over 30 times more effective than rock salt, but without the harmful environmental effects.

  • Environmentally friendly, Liquid Fire has minimal effects on plant life. BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) & LD50 Trout (Lethal Dose 50%) test reports are available upon request.

  • LIQUID FIRE is not controlled under WHMIS.

Sizes available:

909ml Spray Bottle, 20L Pail & 205L Drum

(A Liquid Fire Hand Sprayer is also available).

Deicer Image 1.gif
Deicer Image 2.gif