Bondable and Weld-On Pulley Lagging

Conveyor pulley lagging is an essential part of a belt conveyor system, protecting the pulley and ensuring that there is proper friction between the pulley and the conveyor belt. When a pulley is not properly lagged, you can experience belt slippage and even increased belt wear.


Infinity Belting offers cold bond lagging, hot vulcanized lagging (upon special request) and also weld-on slide pulley lagging. All forms of pulley lagging are designed to provide grip for the conveyor belt, protect the pulley face and belt cover from damage and provide a method of self cleaning to prevent build up from occurring on the pulley face. 

When selecting pulley lagging for your conveyor system, it is important to know what the specific environmental conditions are that the pulley will be subjected to. Will the application require standard pulley lagging, such as used in aggregate applications or will special grade materials be required such as MSHA for mining or OSHA compliant for grain and fertilizer handling conveyor  belts. 


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