VOLTA Belts are known for their high material strength, superior dimensional exactness and stability. The belts are cut and wear resistant and are impervious to water, oils and other fluids. 


Applications (Food)

  • Bakery & Confectionery

  • Dairy

  • Fish & Seafood

  • Meat & Poultry

  • Vegetable Processing


Applications (Non-Food)

  • Automotive

  • Brick Manufacturing

  • Ceramic Tile & Clay/Shingle Roof Tile

  • Injection & Blow Molding

  • Metal Processing

  • Recycling

Features & Benefits

  • Voltas Flat Belting also offers a wide range of round and v profiles to serve a wide variety of key industries. 

  • Available in Thermoplastic Polyester (TPE) and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Volta Belting is cut and abrasion resistant.

  • No ply or hinged elements that in other belt types may harbor bacteria. 

  • Volta Flat Belting leads the way for conveying belting that provides superior cost efficiency and superior hygiene. 

  • Volta Positive Drive Belts are designed to overcome short comings of standard conveyor belt construction.

  • Provides excellent performance in wet (or submerged) conditions, conditions without off-tracking and the need for friction rollers.

  • Volta Belting offers simple installation, low waste/low-fume installation suited for food-processing conveyors and clean environments and no coolants are needed.

  • Volta, the next step in lightweight belting technology.  

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