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X22 Deicer

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X22 Deicer Formulation


  • Works by depressing the freezing point of water (in the form of ice or snow).

  • Within 15-20 minutes after application, the X22 becomes active

  • Once the pellets have dissolved, the liquid that is formed, or brine, spreads underneath the ice and snow breaking any bond that has occurred between the concrete or pavement

  • Once the exothermic reaction has occurred, the ice or snow can easily be removed from the surface

  • The X22 can also be applied prior to a snowfall as a preventative measure.

  • X22 has an effective temperature range of -32C but remains effective to -50C

  • Environmentally friendly, X22 has minimal effects on plant life. BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) & LD50 Trout (Lethal Dose 50%) test reports are available upon request

  • X22 is not controlled under WHMIS

Sizes available:

5kg, 20kg & 182kg Pails

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