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Light Weight Belting

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A wide variety of cover compounds and constructions are available for the most demanding applications.

Lightweight belting with cover impressions/profiles are commonly used to prevent back sliding on incline conveyors.


Custom perforations of virtually any configuration are available. Simply provide detailed information as to the hole dimensions and spacing and working with our lightweight belting partners we are able to provide the belting and perforations for your application.

Research & Development

Working closely with our lightweight belt providers, we welcome new and challenging applications to provide the best possible conveyor belting for our client partners application. New challenges are always welcome.


Belts are available for the various material handling needs in a broad range of industries, including:

Food Handling | Package Handling | Paper Products / Corrugated Boxboard

Metal Parts Conveying | Textile Industry | Electronic Parts Conveying | General Industry

Splicing Methods

Depending on the demands of a particular application, Infinity Belting offers many different splicing options. These range from the cold bonding, hot vulcanized splices as well as mechanical fasteners of many differing types (from steel, stainless steel, galvanized and plastic).

Longitudinal Splicing

When the need arises and standard belt widths just won't work, we are able to offer longitudinal splicing to get you to that specific belt width.  


The availability of different cover types enables you to match the most suitable compounds and surface with the demands of the product environment. Cover compounds and surface textures are offered for most conveying situations: FDA/USDA regulation, extreme temperature resistance, oil and fat resistance, cut and abrasion resistance and sticky product release. Special covers are available for the unique applications requiring a non-standard compound or surface.


Guides of all types and dimensions are available. From PVC to Urethane, solid or notched, we can provide a guide for your conveyor belt to keep you on track. 

Special Fabrication

The unusual is our specialty! Put our engineering know-how to work to solve the most troublesome conveying problems. 

Contact us today for all your Light Weight belting needs.



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