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Unichain© Plastic Modular Belting

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The most cleanable, 2 in. pitch, straight running plastic modular belt in the world and the belt holds the valid NSF/USDA approvals. The belt is used in various food industry applications and offers various styles from closed and open surfaces to roller or rubber top.

Used extensively in food applications and offers a variety of styles from closed and open surfaces to roller or rubber top.

The increased lateral stability allows for fewer support strips than normal, and the bevelled edges facilitate side way loading. Furthermore, the curved surface of the uni Flex ASB CS belt offers a reduced contact area of 10% and a smooth transfer.



  • Bakery including dough transport, cooling lines, internal transport, metal detectors and packaging lines

  • Seafood applications

  • Meat and Poultry

  • Can making and filling lines

  • Meat and Poultry including general conveyance and breading lines

  • Fruit and Vegetable including elevators, steam peeler and inspection tables

  • Seafood applications including elevators, inspection tables, grading lines, trim lines, glazing lines and cooking lines

  • Bakery applications including plan handling and incline/decline box or pan applications

  • Meat or poultry applications including packaging lines and incline box conveyors

  • Beverage applications including de-palletizers, accumulation tables and incline case conveyors

  • Can manufacturing applications including palletizer, mass handling and accumulation tables

  • Corrugated applications including down-stacker, corrugator take off, transfer car and WIP storage

  • Material handling applications including incline applications, palletizers and packaging lines

  • Meat and Poultry applications including tray pack conveyors, box/tote handling, freezers infeed/outfeed, low tension spirals and other side flexing applications

  • Fruit and vegetable applications including filling lines, canning lines and incline/declining applications

  • Bakery applications including cooling lines, pan handling, proofers and oven infeed and takeaway

  • Beverage applications including case conveyors, shrink tunnels and incline/decline applications 

  • Can manufacturing applications including mass handling, transfer conveyors and palletizers infeed conveyors

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