Vacuum Scraper System

The VACUUM SCRAPER is a unique conveyor belt cleaning system that effectively and efficiently removes fines and particulate from the conveyor system by sending it to a piped collection point for safe removal.

The Vacuum Scraper was purposely engineered as a highly efficient conveyor belt cleaning system in part by utilizing the highly successful engineering technology of the Finger Scraper belt cleaning system. It's unique design came after a large port facility raised concerns over the safety of its personnel with the large volumes of airborne particulate in the air and amassing on the floors of the facility. Years of refinement and field testing trials in this port facility have shown that the Vacuum Scraper, used in conjunction with the Finger Scraper Paddles, consistently reduced particulate build up. In effect, mitigating potential fire hazards and even explosions from occurring and providing a much safer work environment for the facilities employees. Now, several additional port facilities are now using the system with great effect. 


The Vacuum Scraper is available in single and double cone configurations with

custom designs also available.


  • Removes, collects and routes particulate to a safe collection point

  • Lift Plates to ease installation

  • Rubber access ports for cone inspection and cleaning

  • Access door for inspection of IBL - Finger Paddles™ and upper assembly

  • Easy adjustment via the lift mechanism

  • Long life wear stripping

  • Grounding lugs to eliminate static-discharge

  • Sturdy construction throughout

  • Operates from pre-existing compressed air supply

Contact us today to find out how The Vacuum Scraper can benefit your bulk handling operation and allow you to be rid of dust and particle build up problems for good in a safe and effective manner.