Belt Cleaning Systems

IBL Secondary Scraper

Finger Scraper™ Belt Cleaner

Available in Dual Row or Single Row construction, the Finger Scraper is relentless in cleaning cleated and non-cleated belts, as well as cleaning belts with mechanical fasteners or metal repair kits. Even keeps grooves and wear patterns free of debris to prevent material build up. 

IBL Primary Scraper

Finger Scraper™ Easy Adjusting Primary Belt Cleaner
The next evolution in Finger Scraper technology, the Easy Adjusting Finger Scraper offers the same great cleaning ability of its
Dual and Single row cousins, but it's simple installation on the head pulley and easy adjusting tension system, ensures that material build up is eliminated before it can cause carryback issues. 

Finger Scraper™ Pulley Cleaner
Eliminates material build up on pulleys surface to prevent material build up that may cause tracking issues and possible costly down time and production loss. 

IBL Return Belt Cleaner

Diagonal V-Plow

Eliminating belt surface build up on the belt return removes additional build up problems before they reduce your bulk handling operations productivity.

Vacuum Scraper System
This must have patented system cleans your belting surfaces by collecting and depositing particulate to a piped collection and recovery point. The elimination of fine particulates as material is conveyed effectively reduces the chances for dust explosions and fires to occur.