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Baler Belting

Infinity Belting utilizes the latest technological advanced Baler Belting available.

Most Reliable Construction

What makes our baler belts durable also makes them reliable. Impregnated rubber patterns, vulcanized rubber-coated fabrics, and materials that won’t shrink, rot, or mildew, all keep our baler belts running longer.

Infinity Belting Ltd will (unless otherwise advised) make all belts as ordered and as based upon the data from OEM manufacturers, including belt types and specific lacing requirements. 

Installation of Baler Belting

Bring your Baler machine to us to have your belts installed or we can come to you.

Things to consider when replacing Baler Belts

It is advisable to check the length of your Baler Belts prior to replacing them.

If the variation between a new belt and the shortest of the remaining belts is more than 3”, then it is advisable to lengthen the remaining belts to match a new belt or change the entire set of Baler Belts.

This guarantees that all Baler Belts will carry an equal load when forming the bale. 

Baler Belting Fabrication

Infinity Belting uses all available lacing types.

Endless hot vulcanized belt assemblies can be done in our shop if required.

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Unsurpassed Baler Belt quality keeps you in the field longer during the critical haymaking season. Every Baler Belt Infinity Belting supplies is hand inspected to ensure compliance with strict quality standards.

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Get ready for the next hay season.

Have your Baler Belts supplied on time & on budget by us.

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