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Our mission is to provide all our conveyor system and conveyor belting customers with the highest level of quality, workmanship and professionalism.
We strive to ensure that our products and services will surpass all your expectations.
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Conveyor Belting
We stock a huge range of conveyor belt on site and have partnerships with the leading belt manufacturers, Infinity Belting can supply and install the right belt for you.

Belt Cleaning System

Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems
At the heart of our scraper systems is the proprietary Finger Scraper™, explore our extensive range of conveyor belt scrapers & cleaning systems to keep your belt surfaces clean and your operation going.

Conveyor Belt Conveyor System Maintenance Repair

Conveyor Belt & Conveyor System Maintenance and Repair Service
Our team can handle all your conveyor belt and conveyor system maintenance needs promptly and professionally, select and book our services whenever they are required.

Conveyor Belt Installation

Conveyor Belt Installation
Infinity Belting utilizes only the best belt available and our professional team will install it right ensuring your downtime is minimal and you're up and running quickly.

Belt Positioners, Trainers and Trackers

Conveyor Belt Positioners, Trainers and Trackers
Search our range of belt positioners, trainers and tracking products or have us design and build you a custom item today.

Custom Cut Parts

Custom Cut Parts
We cut all materials to any shape, size and quantity, provide us with the design of your custom cut part to have it done on time and on budget.

Idler Rollers, Troughing Roller Assemblies

Conveyor Rollers and Idlers
We supply all CEMA rollers and idlers, whether you need just rollers or an entire troughing frame assembly Infinity Belting will get it done.

Design Services

CAD Design Services
Infinity Belting's industrial technology department utilizes the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to create and test any of your custom items giving you the confidence everything we do is done right.

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Conveyor System Accessories
Infinity Belting supplies any and all conveyor belt and system accessories, kits and supplies you need to keep your operation going. Whether it is readily available item or something innovative we are here to help.

Liquid Fire Deicer
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Contact us today about our Spring Sale Prices on Liquid Fire and X22 Deicers

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Liquid Fire Deicer & X22
Infinity Belting liquid fire deicer and X22 have been developed to give your walkways and exterior surfaces the ability to resist and reduce ice build up for prolonged periods enabling safer foot traffic movements.

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Conveyor System Impact Beds and Skirting
Infinity Belting supplies impact beds and skirting systems to suit any conveyor system, contact us today and see how we can eliminate material spillage and impact loads within your operation.

Plant and equipment Guarding

Plant and Equipment Guarding
Infinity Belting has revolutionized guarding of plant and equipment with our proprietary flat pack style guarding systems. Contact us today with your guarding needs and we will get it done to budget and code.

Pulley Lagging

Pulley Lagging
Our team can get your pulley lagging repaired, replaced or applied new, search and select the lagging you require to obtain a quote and time to have it done.

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Take-Up Frames and Assemblies
We stock and supply all types of take-up assemblies and components to keep your conveyor belt on track and tensioned right.

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Trailer Deck Coverings
Infinity Belting supplies and can install conveyor belt rubber coverings for all types of trucking trailers. 

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Used Belting
Infinity Belting has a large selection of used conveyor belt available. We stock full rolls of used belting in various widths, lengths, half or full slabs of various sizes and thicknesses plus we offer cut to size, cut to profile and installation of used belting.

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